I am looking for two parts epoxy resin with transparent color. Do you have it?

Most of our epoxy product are in two parts and some are in transparent color. Please inform the product name if known. Otherwise, please state your usage and other requirement so that we can help you refine the right product to you.

I found some product interested in. How much is it?

Please state your name, company name, product name, application and possible quantities. We will have the closest distributor to contact you.

I would like to try xx kg, can you send some product as trial by speed post? My speed post account no is xxxx

According to the new regulation from IATA (International Air Transport Association) has classified all liquid epoxy resin as Dangerous Goods since 2015. Therefore, we can only ship all liquid epoxy product by sea in FCL (Full Container) basis. Since massive document work and special packaging has to be prepared, the freight charge increase.
Please contact us for your interested product and we will refer the closest distributor in order to avoid the burden of freight charge and time.

Building Material Resin

I am looking for epoxy flooring resin in light yellow, and dark grey color. Do you have it?

We can help customers match colors. Please refer to the following color standards to find out the color code, and contact us to discuss whether the color can be matched.

RAL color chart
BS 4800 color chart

My place need renovation, do you provide installation service?

No. We are manufacturer and material supplier.  We focus on advancing material and product technology across customer need. However, if you really have hard time looking for installation people, please tell us.

The applied epoxy has been over recommended curing time and why did it still not cure and remain sticky?

There are various reasons of not curing such as low temperature, off-ratio mixing, insufficient mixing, high humidity, lack of ventilation, incorrect resin or hardener. Please note that epoxy hardner is not catalyzt. Adding more hardener do not make it cured faster. Only follow the proper mixing ratio with proper temperature and ventilation is the key for curing. For proper mixing ratio and temperature, please refer to the product catalogue for detail.

I am looking for “forever-clear” epoxy resin. Do you have it?

This question is similar to looking for forever-young human. I have not found such material up to this moment. In other words, the product you are looking for is UV resistant resin. Epoxy resin will turn yellow over time, means that epoxy resin is not resistant to ultraviolet light.

I have followed the proper mixing ratio, but the surface is still look cloudy and milky in appearance.

It is because the resin absorb some moisture in the air or there is water in the surrounding. Avoid using epoxy when the humidity is 75% over.

There are so many air bubble inside, how to get rid of it?

The most efficient way to get rid of the air bubble is to vacuum degassing or pressure casting. However, these require expensive equipment. The alternative way is to use utility lighter (heat gun). By making the epoxy resin warmer and thinner, the air bubbles would be out easier. Please move the lighter back and forth from the surface of the bubbles to avoid fire occured.

Seal Lead Battery Adhesive

Which seal lead acid battery resin is suit for me?

You may inform us what kind of container do you use such as ABS or other material. Does it require to be cured at specific temperature or at room temperature only? We can help you refine the right product according to your case. If you have still in doubt, please contact to us.