EGR 21

Epoxy Injection Resin (Standard)

It is solvent free low viscosity epoxy resin system. It serves to strengthen and seal cracks and cavities in concrete, masonry or rock by injection under pressure. It has good flow properties and penetrates the very fine cracks and fissures, has excellent adhesion to concrete (include damp concrete), masonry, metal, wood etc… On the other hand, the cured resin exhibits several outstanding properties, such as strong adhesion to a wide range of substrate, even in high humidity environment or damp concrete. Outstanding resistance against water and chemicals, negligible shrinkage etc..

The material is ideal for repairing cracked concrete with epoxy injection method, consolidate the friable rock and stone, act as new and old concrete bonding, and it also able to be used as mortar flooring or self-leveling flooring.