ACM 702

Acrylic Cement Modifier

ACM 702 is formulated acrylic/ styrene copolymer dispersion. Use for modifying hydraulic binders, especially cement mixtures. It imparts an extremely liquid consistency to these compounds and thus allows a considerable reduction of quantity of water with all consequent influences on the properties of the product obtained. It has excellent water impermeability, increase oil and chemicals resistance. Increase the bonding strength of cement mixture. Increase the flexural/tensile strength of the cement mixture. Allow the cement mixture to be applied in thin layer without surface powdery. No shrinkage crack exists after applying ACM 702. And it also improve workability and plasticity.

It is used for cementitious waterproofing coating; repairing faulty concrete and concrete honey comb; resurfacing concrete floor, industrial seamless flooring;
tile adhesive; new and old concrete bonding agent.