Loyal Enterprise Company was established in Hong Kong as a registered Company in 1980. In the beginning Loyal Enterprises’ initialy produced the Lycal Gem Like Resin Series of products and some other building materials.
With dedicated hard work, Loyal Enterprise was rapidly accepted by customers within Hong Kong.
In 1985 the company penetrated the market in China. As the number of the customers in China grew rapidly, the board of directors decided to establish a factory in China’s Guang Dung province. The company was named DongGuan Haoli Fine Chemicals Ltd.
Currently the factory is equipped with well formed machines to control quality and is ISO9001 certified. The production list includes Lycal Gem Like Resin, sealing compounds for lead acid batteries and chemicals for the building and electronic industry.
While catering to the market in mainland China, Loyal Enterprise is also actively involved in business in other countries. The Lycal Gem Like Resin series of products are among the most well-known products within Asian countries. Recently we have begun to reach markets in India and Vietnam.

Our products

Lycal Gem Like Resin series: Used mainly for artificial jewelry, trade marks, buckles and photo frames etc.
Lead acid battery sealing compound series: Sealing compound for lead acid battery terminal covers.
Various building materials: Indoor/outdoor decorative coating, waterproofing materials, floor coatings etc.

Our vision

With the rapid economic growth in Mainland China, the demand for Epoxy formulated products has also increased. We are constantly striving to produce the highest quality products, and therefore are not only seeking skilled professionals, but also partnership opportunities for future expansion.

Our mission

1. Modern industry evolves on technical know-how. The markets that we wish to enter are dependent on the technical expertise that we can deliver.
2. We are seeking opportunities of partnership to expand the market in Mainland China, Asian countries, or countries outside of Asia.